We have a special permit from the Ministry of Antiquities for an exploration of rarely visited South Saqqara including entry to the

Pyramid of Pepi I I

At North Saqqara we have arranged private entry to the Second Dynasty tomb of




A one week tour based in Cairo and staying at our Giza hotel. Focussing on the development of Saqqara, this exciting new tour is accompanied throughout by popular Egyptologist and Engineering Geologist, Colin Reader.


We plan four trips to North Saqqara including entry to the Step Pyramid and the newly opened Southern Tomb. We also have a special permit to enter the vast Second Dynasty tomb of Ninetjer. There will be plenty of time for an in-depth look at the landscape and the various phases of development of the site. A chance to enter some of the mastabas that you have never had time for on past visits, including the subterranean galleries of the Serapeum.

At South Saqqara we visit Mastabat Faroun and have a rare chance to enter the Pyramid of Pepi I I. We then head to Abu Sir to view the pyramids of Sahure and Niuserre. Of course, being in Cairo we cannot leave out a visit to the Giza Plateau for the Great Pyramid, where Colin will explain his theories on the site, including the geological evidence leading to his dating of the great Sphinx and its enclosure.

Standard Tour price: £3,360 Single supplement: £235 AWT’s ‘Single Supplement Guarantee’. We do not ‘mark up’! We only charge you what we are charged. JULES VERNE

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