5 Animal Jeff Sebo “Our influence on animals, both at the individual level and at the population level, is increasingly pervasive.”

10 Capitalism Alexander Douglas “Current governments have demonstrated their inability to manage even a full baby-step towards carbon neutrality.”

16 Coloniality Malcom Ferdinand “We may be on the same boat, but not everybody is treated equally – and some are jettisoned at the first gust of wind.”

21 Connectedness Michael Marder “How is it possible to attune our relation to the earth in a situation where we are simultaneously too far from and too close to it?”

26 Disobedience Erin R. Pineda “It is the matter of time that defines and differentiates the climate movement from its predecessors.”

31 Livability Simona Capisani “An account of climate mobilities justice must address the normatively relevant elements of our embodied relationship to livable spaces.”

37 Movement Thomas Nail “We cannot adequately understand contemporary politics through the paradigm of static states and stationary citizens.”

42 Politics Pierre Charbonnier “The incommensurability between ‘authentic’ political thought and ecological concerns can no longer be defended.”

48 Racism Romy Opperman “The apparent neutrality of the planet can be used to cloak,

perpetuate, and even deepen racism.”

53 Sensibilities Nancy Tuana “Despite the dominance of a sensibility that hyperseparates humans and nature, it is far from being universal.”

57 Toxicity Simone Müller “In the age of the toxic commons, not one of us remains unaffected by toxicants.”

62 Weather Travis Holloway “Stories about catastrophic weather are contributing to a certain reinvention of epic or grand narrative in our time.



68 Philosophy Herself Jana Bacevic “There is nothing obvious about de Beauvoir’s erasure from the