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Pippa Crerar, Roopa Farooki, Sandy Sullivan, Isabel Allende, Nathan Law Diary

Jojo Moyes Letters plus In fact The joy of lex: Banter

Sarah Ogilvie Improving the algorithm

Ethan Zuckerman It’s all over for Johnson

Rachel Sylvester plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon The Tories face the

electoral wilderness Max Wind-Cowie Jeffrey Epstein was

a predator like any other Sarah Ditum ‡ˆ Lives ˆ Crossword ˆˆ Brief encounter

David Baddiel

Venture playground

Lionel Barber on the quiet revolutionaries of capitalism Give me fizz

Jan Morris taught us to have fun intelligently, says Sarah Moss A millionaire of words

Jeremy Noel-Tod hails the highdefinition intimacy of Ulysses ˆ The world as it is

Jon Day on Hanya Yanagihara and the lure of utopia ‡ Books in brief ‡ Art: Sensation years on

Richard Cork

‡ Classical: Cassandra Miller

Kate Molleson ‡ Screen: Kiarostami’s flaws

Sukhdev Sandhu ‡ Stage: Covid vs theatre

Kate Maltby

Cover photograph by Dan Matthews

→ Sarah Boseley

Why won’t Big Pharma share its vaccine patents? → Fintan O’Toole

Does cancel culture really exist? → Jane Martinson

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