Phone it in, p55

Fairer sex, p36

Deer departed, p38


3 Leading article 6 Portrait of the Week 9 Diary My clash with

Maureen Lipman Joan Collins 11 The Spectator’s Notes

The strange case of Barry Gardiner Charles Moore 14 Barometer TV licences,

tsunamis and Sage’s sums 15 Rod Liddle

Looking back in anger 21 Douglas Murray

Meat of the matter 22 Ancient and modern

Gathering storm 25 Matthew Parris

The good side of guilt 26 Lionel Shriver Someone

should tell Biden it’s not 1965 27 Letters Marmalade, manifesting

and jabs for jobs 31 Any other business Unilever,

GSK and the perils of ‘purpose’ Martin Vander Weyer

12 The collapse

The Red Wall is crumbling Katy Balls 13 ‘If it goes to a vote, that’s it’ Even ministers loyal to Johnson

are worried James Forsyth 16 Corporation facts Nadine Dorries and the BBC question

Paul Wood 17 Playwright’s notebook

The hypocrisy of actors David Mamet 18 The executioner’s song

My father Norman got cancelled Michael Mailer 20 In the pipeline

Germany’s alliance with Russia Wolfgang Münchau 22 Road to Reform An interview with Richard Tice

James Heale 24 All over

Why was Politics For All shut down? Nick Moar 28 Old money In defence of hard cash

Laurie Graham


BOOKS 32 Elaine Showalter

A Splendid Intelligence, by Cathy Curtis 34 Wynn Wheldon

The Georgians, by Penelope J. Corfield 35 Peter Parker

A Previous Life, by Edmund White 36 Genevieve Gaunt

Open, by Rachel Krantz Leyla Sanai It’s Getting Dark, by Peter Stamm 37 Andrew Taylor

The Second Cut, by Louise Welsh 38 Olivia Potts

Taste Makers, by Mayukh Sen Ian Harrow ‘Last Word But One’: a poem Piers Torday The Original Bambi, by Felix Salten 39 Cindy Yu

Kingdom of Characters, by Jing Tsu 40 Susie Mesure

Zorrie, by Laird Hunt 41 Caroline Moorehead

The Ticket Collector from Belarus, by Mike Anderson and Neil Hanson

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