december 2021 / january 2022 issue 503

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diary 1 Frances Wilson

history 6 Piers Brendon

George V: Never a Dull Moment Jane Ridley 7 Sarah Dunant

The Light of Italy: The Life & Times of Federico da Montefeltro, Duke of Urbino Jane Stevenson 9 Jonathan Healey

Merchants: The Community that Shaped England’s Trade & Empire, 1550–1650 Edmond Smith 12 Rana Mitter

Hitler’s American Gamble: Pearl Harbor & the German March to Global War Brendan Simms & Charlie Laderman 13 Robert Service

Collapse: The Fall of the Soviet Union Vladislav M Zubok

art 15 James Cahill

Creation: Art Since the Beginning John-Paul Stonard 17 Frances Spalding

Humankind: Ruskin Spear – Class, Culture & Art in 20th-Century Britain Tanya Harrod 18 James Delbourgo

The Rise and Rise of the Private Art Museum Georgina Adam

twilight worlds 20 Seamus Perry

The Lighted Window: Evening Walks Remembered Peter Davidson 21 Diane Purkiss

The Devil’s Atlas: An Explorer’s Guide to Heavens, Hells & Afterworlds Edward Brooke-Hitching

money & power 23 Frances Cairncross

The Good, the Bad and the Greedy: Why We’ve Lost Faith in Capitalism Martin Vander Weyer 24 Ian Fraser

Trillions: How a Band of Wall Street Renegades Invented the Index Fund & Changed Finance Forever Robin Wigglesworth 25 Michael Burleigh

The Great Recoil: Politics after Populism & the Pandemic Paolo Gerbaudo

letters & diaries 26 Stephen Romer

The Letters of T S Eliot, Volume 9: 1939–1941 Valerie Eliot & John Haffenden (edd) 28 Elizabeth Lowry

Patricia Highsmith: Diaries & Notebooks Anna von Planta (ed) 30 Hugh Haughton

The Letters of John McGahern Frank Shovlin (ed)

literary lives 32 Joanna Kavenna

How to Start Writing (and When to Stop): Advice for Writers Wisława Szymborska 33 Norma Clarke

Jane Austen, Early and Late Freya Johnston 34 Stephen Amidon

Burning Boy: The Life & Work of Stephen Crane Paul Auster 35 Zareer Masani

Allegorizings Jan Morris

greece 36 Stathis N Kalyvas

The Greek Revolution: 1821 & the Making of Modern Europe Mark Mazower 38 Daisy Dunn

The Greeks: A Global History Roderick Beaton 39 Paul Cartledge

The Bronze Lie: Shattering the Myth of Spartan Warrior Supremacy Myke Cole

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