Winner of the Source writing prize Alan Huck has been Thinking Analogi-

cally (p.8) • Jem Southam talks about a his work and Photographing Slowly (p.12) • Jost Migenda talks about Capturing Neutrinos from the

un (p.18) • Steve Flint is a Model Railway Photographer (p.26)

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COLUMNS Joseph McBrinn (p.10) Orla Fitzpatrick (p.18) Colin Pantall (p.82) Alistair Coleman (p.86)


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A U t u m n

homas Duffield (p.50)

artin Healy (p.40)

om Medwell (p.30)

EXHIBITIONS Claudia Andujar • Martin Parr • Australian Landscape • Bristol Photo Festival


The Holocaust and Photography • Dan Wood • Alexandra

Moschovi • Julian Stallabrass and more