Critical thinking


53 Sharia flaws

Why Islamic law needs reform 58 Eastern harmonies

How Chinese composers are rewriting classical music 61 WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE...

A hawk The impulses that drive the feathered killing machine 62 BOOKS

The rise and fall of a Messiah Olga Tokarczuk’s extraordinary novel about Poland’s Jewish past 67 The sanity of King George

The real story of the “mad king” who lost America 70 Boo to the Boo-Hurrahs

How four women philosophers took on the Oxford consensus 73 Medieval twittering

Two birds having a spat reveals a lighter side to the middle ages 76 BOOKS IN BRIEF 78 RECOMMENDS


On the podcast: Andrew Roberts and Andrew Adonis on

the making of the modern monarchy Helena Kennedy on human rights under

the rule of Dominic Raab Janine di Giovanni explores the plight of

Christians in the Middle East Visit or wherever you get your podcasts



Policy & Money


A challenging climate & 82 POLICY REPORT

Levelling up housing ,


And finally...

85 The Generalist and Enigma

& 87 Masks off

The theatrical side of face coverings  88 BRIEF ENCOUNTER

Armando Iannucci

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impact of Nordic “schools for life” Plus: the verdict on Silverview,

John le Carré’s final novel

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