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Te s 22 OCTOBER 2021


Squid stink Teachers alarmed by primary children watching Squid Game, and how schools can take a systemic approach to embedding kindness


‘Beacons of hope’ Te s’ 10 questions: Steve Rollett, of the Confederation of School Trusts, discusses the power of academies and diversity in leadership


Chief regulation How a plan to formally define the role of trust CEO could help the growth of academies – and attract leaders from outside education


Bursaries are back Key news stories you may have missed, from a U-turn on bursaries to slow progress on vaccinations and a warning for Ofsted


A turn-up for the books After falling out of favour, textbooks appear to be growing in popularity once again – but do they really improve teaching?


Carry on, nurse School nurses are arguably more important now than ever before, so why are their numbers dwindling? Kate Parker investigates


Groom for improvement To build a leadership team to turn a school around, you need to find staff with a special skill set, explains head Danielle Lewis-Egonu

Next week Wake up and smell the coffee Does a frequent caffeine hit help or hinder your classroom performance?