INDULGE textiles to buy, collect or simply admire 37 SALES ROOM REPORT Fine Chinese Textiles at Bonhams by Linda Wrigglesworth 54 TEXTILE TOWNS Birmingham Cut Steel by Sarah Jane Downing, illustrated by Alice Pattullo 78 SHOP TALK Jane Audas goes Shopping at Evoke 96 SWATCH Clean Clothes no 10 Sequins by Sarah Jane Downing, illustrated by Georgina McAusland

GLOBAL textiles from around the world 44 SISTERHOOD Textiles in Pre-Raphaelite Paintings by Sarah Jane Downing 60 A SHOW OF HANDS Les Petites Mains, Haute Couture Embroidery in Paris by Rebecca Devaney 64 A LIFE’S WORK Réné Bégué and Rébé, Embroidey by Nadia Albertini

ANECDOTE textiles that touch our lives 20 TRUE STRIPES Kutnia Cloth from Gaziantep,Turkey by Dominic Lutyens, photographer Ekin Ozbicer 24 SEEING IS BELIEVING The Beguiling Work of Bushra Waqas Khan by Dua Abbas Rizvi 48 FREEZE FRAME James Tissot: A Modern Ambiguity by Rebecca Devaney 34 ADORNED IN DREAMS A Brush with Glamour by Virginia Postrel, illustrated by Macruba Busato

ATTIRE critical reporting of fashion trends 14 SPEAKING VOLUMES Exaggerated Shapes, Fashion Goes Big by Lydia Caston, illustrated by Paula Sanz Caballero 29 STAYING IN A History of Indoor Footwear in Western Fashion by Nishi Bassi 40 BOOK SMART Writing About Clothes by Miranda Mills 52 KILLER HATS A Very Unnatural History by Malcolm Smith 68 A BIGGER SPLASH Mermaid Dresses and Mythical Tails by Deborah Nash 72 FASHION IN FILM Manolo Blahnik by Christopher Laverty

INDUSTRY from craft to commerce 10 SAILING BY Valentino Launches their Collection from the Venecian Arsenale by Kate Cavendish 26 THE PATINA OF LIFE The Backward Vendor by Deborah Beau; photographer Joe Kerr, photographer assistant George Powers; character Farn Gary & Adam Larkin; makeup Chiharu Wakabayashi; hair Toni & Guy Team; style assistant Christy Higgs, Phoebe John & Ruby Padfield 56 A RARE BIRD INDEED Prune Faux Plumassiere by Deborah Beau, photographed by Joanna Maclennan