News and views 4 Welcome Reporting from Düsseldorf

Why we prefer to travel by 'van 6 This month Ford updates the Transit

And Renault's funky concept camper 8 Next month Compact models

Reviews 10 RP Rebellion

With four-wheel drive and a washing machine, this'van has everything!

New at Düsseldorf 16 Chausson S697 GA First Line

Slim body, slimmed down price tag

18 Dembell Small garage model

Not small in the usual sense... 22 Frankia Platin Final Six

End of the road for the V6 Mercedes 25 Globecar Summit Shine 540

MultiRoof adds versatility 28 Good Life Vans Pure

A VW T6 with a king-sized bed! 32 Hobby Beachy Van 540

Vanlife kept simple 35 Itineo Nomad CS660

A compact A-class for families 38 Joa Camp 75T

Pilote's new budget brand 42 Knaus E.Power Drive

Electric motorhomes are coming

47 Le Voyageur Héritage LVXH 7.9 CF

Gallic luxury with Mercedes power 50 Morelo Palace Alkoven 94 L

An overcab in a league of its own 52 The best of the rest at Düsseldorf

From classics to a €2m motorhome

Buying 56 Accessories Testing the latest gadgets

When a TV isn't a TV 59 Insurance Alarming statistics

Get extra security for your 'van 60 Rear view 60 years of the Caravan Salon 62 Classified advertising Buy and sell

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