EDITORIAL 4 / Liturgy and unity Anthony Towey

FOCUS: Synodality: The Church on the Way 6 / Together on the journey, becoming the Church we are called to be: The Liverpool Synod Peter McGrail 11 / ‘Listening is more than simply hearing’: Pope Francis and synodality Declan Marmion SM 16 / From the Pastoral Congress to synodality today Pat Jones

LEADERSHIP & MINISTRY 21 / Guardians of Creation Edward de Quay 27 / Towards greater openness: Christian educators respond to the challenges of the pandemic Jayne Guiney, Ursula Lawler, Stephen J. McKinney and Eileen O’Sullivan 32 / Last rites for last wrongs: Pastoral accompaniment of Catholics who have requested euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide David Albert Jones

THEOLOGY TODAY 37 / Was the Afghan War just? Ashley Beck 42 / Jesus was a Jew Alfredo Delgado Gómez

46 / Queer theology as a form of liberation theology Alex Morley 51 / A future for our past: An argument for bi-lingual historical Christian texts Thomas O’Loughlin

SPIRITUALITY 56 / Five hundred Years of Conversion: 1521–2021 David Birchall SJ 61 / Praying the ‘Hail Mary’: Honouring Mary as the Mother of God, without diminishing her humanity Anne Inman

RESOURCES FOR MINISTRY 66 / Integrating the Advent wreath into the Eucharist Michael H. Marchal REVIEWS 69 / Book and film reviews

BREAKING THE WORD 77 / Sundays Robert Draper 84 / Prayers of the Faithful Anthony Towey 87 / Weekdays Mervyn Tower

October/November/December 2021 | Pastoral Review Vol 17 Issue 4 | 3