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53 Revisiting history

The National Trust is right—the legacy of empire can’t be ignored 58 Life out there

The astronomer royal on the investigation into alien intelligence 61 WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE...

A dog Their olfactory superpower is not to be sniffed at 62 BOOKS

Which came first—the spirit or the age? An exhilarating new history of Cold War culture refuses to simplify 67 The artful noticer

Christopher Ricks is the most gi ed literary critic of his generation 70 All fired up

How Josiah Wedgwood reflected the contradictions of his epoch 73 Redeeming a renegade

Despite his reputation, Spinoza took God very seriously 76 BOOKS IN BRIEF 78 RECOMMENDS


Of plagues and pets ­ € ­­ ‚ƒ & 82 POLICY REPORT

Tax , &

And finally...

85 The Generalist and Enigma

& 87 Jurassic larks

Our dinosaur obsession reflects our own fragile place on Earth „ƒ „…†‡ „ ˆ‰ƒŠ‹Œˆ 88 BRIEF ENCOUNTER

Bernardine Evaristo

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