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LEADING IN THE POST-COVID WORLD Leading in an Age of Disruption Hannes Gurzki and Joachim Junghanss Board Membership: Navigating the New Uncertainties Wharton Executive Education’s Board Leadership Programs DECISION MAKING Covering Blind Spots: Does the board have the right information for effective decision making? Pedro B. Água DATA PROTECTION Data Protection: Lightening the Load of Compliance Interview with The DPO Centre CEO and Founder Rob Masson COACHING Uncovering the Path to Our Dreams: CoachHub's Coaching Program Points the Way Interview with CoachHub Senior Behavioural Scientist Windy Tshepiso Maledu ORGANISATION Leaders’ Behaviours and Organisational Cultures Needed for Success in a Post Covid Hybrid Workplace Vlatka Ariaana Hlupic INNOVATION When Leadership Drives Innovation: The Case of WeLink David De Cremer BUSINESS MODEL Building an Ethical Competitive Advantage in Times of Growing Complexity Hubert Etienne and J. Mark Munoz CORPORATE GOVERNANCE The Corporate World’s Comeback: Time to Seize the Opportunity Anna Saghabalyan and Paul Argenti










LUXURY Improving the Emotional Mix of Buying Luxury Francine Espinoza Petersen and Mariana Soberano URBAN TRANSFORMATION Veins and Wires: Reflections on UrbanTech Transformation Dr Mike Cooray, Dr Rikke Duus and Marius Sylvestersen LEADERSHIP AIM for the New Frontiers of Work Chris Nichols, Philippa Hardman and Michael Chaskalson DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION The Challenge of Digital Transformation Nicolas van Zeebroeck and Jacques Bughin TECHNOLOGY Quantum Computing: The Second Quantum Revolution Transformation of How Business is Conducted Dr Roy J. Girasa and Dr Emilio Collar, Jr TECHNOLOGY How to Make Sense From and With AI Imène Brigui SUPPLY CHAIN Reshoring and New Globalization: The Future of Supply Chains Luigi Gentili DEVELOPMENT Is a Cashless Society Realistic? The rural challenge to the post-pandemic “new normal” Aaron van Klyton and Juan Fernando Tavera-Mesías BOOK REVIEW Making the Case that Everyone is A Disrupter: A Book Review of Alien Thinking Kyle Scott

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