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September/October 2021 Contents

Contents September/ October 2021

28 Zoe Pacyna, of nightlife group

Rekom UK, outlines how the business and its people survived coronavirus

32 Job review websites can offer valuable insights for

savvy employers

40 With businesses tussling for talent, HR needs to employ all the tools

at its disposal

42 Picking a pension: have master trusts usurped the

traditional trust-based


News and analysis 4 Leader article

We are not doing enough to improve the wellbeing of our best asset – our teams 6 HR news briefing

Older workers quitting earlier, UK employees working extra hours, Labour’s reform pledge and more 11 Hot topic

Could a minimum income guarantee make it easier to create fairer workplaces? 12 News analysis

What can HR do to help Afghan refugees resettle and find work in the UK?

Comment 14 In the HR hot seat

Good people management is critial for a successful merger or acquisition 17 Academic view

New psychological health standard will help employers focus on mental wellbeing 19 Legal ease

Visa changes will make it easier to hire high-calibre employees from overseas 20 Have your say

What women wear, random selection in recruitment, Long COVID and more

Strategic HR 22 Cover Story

Can’t buy me love – the battle for staff hearts and minds doesn’t come down to pay alone

28 Profile interview

Rekom UK’s Pacyna on how the company overcame hospitality’s COVID crisis 32 Recruitment

How much do online job reviews influence applicants’ decisions and how can firms make the most of them? 36 Different slant

Restructuring in a downturn can be painful, but there are ways to maximise your long-term chances

Operational efficiency 40 Webinar

Your business will need to take the gloves off if it is to win the fight for talent 42 Pensions

Master trusts are becoming increasingly popular but are they always the best option?

Personal development 44 People moves

Who's gone where 46 Resources

Business books and HR’s D&I clinic 47 Future leader

What the HRD of tomorrow thinks 48 Lessons from the C-suite

Anton Colella, Global CEO, Moore Global 50 How I got here

Tony Elliott, Group HR director, Robertson Group

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