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Life: there’s nothing else quite like it, as my brother once quipped to me. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve come back to that line. There’s such an extraordinary amount of it, and in every conceivable form. Just look at our features this issue. Our cover feature explores the vastly different worlds separated only by the surface of the ocean. Those two worlds

above and below couldn’t be more different, as David Doubilet’s remarkable photographs illustrate (p36). Then, on the west coast of the USA, we gaze up at the tallest living things on Earth (p52) – many of these redwoods were already hundreds of years old when the first Europeans made landfall. We also meet a rare antelope in Africa (p60), an even rarer songbird in the South Pacific (p46), and explore how and why whales veer off course (p68). I hope you enjoy this month’s little slice of life on Earth!

Paul McGuinness Editor



: John

: redwood



ilet; Th



: Dav



Cover: Green

Nothing can prepare you for the sheer scale of California’s redwoods – page 52.

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October 2021

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