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48 The Belarus book

7 It is our duty to bring our

fight to a victorious end An interview with Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya There are many reasons why Lukashenka will eventually be forced to leave, but the most important one is that he has been halting our country’s development and the people no longer trust him.

12 One year on. What has

An interview with Kasia Syramalot Belarus is a country of kind people who have just begun to feel their own wings. It is a country that Belarusians themselves will have to get to know again.

54 Between history and magic

Paulina Siegień and Wojciech Siegień As soon the protests erupted, clichéd accounts that they represent the birth of the nation were repeated like a mantra. Apparently Belarusians were formed as a nation in that moment.

changed in Belarus? David R. Marples The 2020 elections took place in the middle of a pandemic, dismissed by the president as a “psychosis”. They were the first elections to be contested by other sectors of the Belarusian elite. Since that day, the situation has changed.

61 Constitutional reform process

in Belarus. Recent trends and developments Hanna Vasilevich

Opinion and Analysis

21 Repressions reveal

the ruthlessness of the Lukashenka regime Stephan Malerius Since August last year, the Belarusian regime under Alyaksandr Lukashenka has instituted a system of repressions which is unprecedented for Europe in the second decade of the 21st century.

25 Who bears the costs of

the EU’s sanctions? Daniel Krutzinna The current sanctions by the West against Belarus might end up being ineffective, if not counterproductive.

67 Redefining US strategy in the region

Dmytro Tuzhanskyi The time has come to strengthen EuroAtlantic unity on its Eastern flank.

81 Russia at war with COVID-19, again!

Agnieszka Legucka

87 Is the Georgian Dream

committed to democracy and European integration? Soso Dzamukashvili Georgia is currently undergoing a political crisis which has led to an unprecedented amount of European Union involvement in resolving it.

30 The essence of

Belarusian solidarity Magdalena Chodownik and Omar Marques

42 The power of internet as a game

changer for Belarusian protests Veranika Laputska

93 Pashinyan, the defeated winner

Tiziano Marino and Tatevik Hovhannisyan Nikol Pashinyan was able to quickly win the hearts and minds of the Armenian public. While all these tactics certainly helped Pashinyan to win this snap election, his real achievement was to make Armenians forget about the recent war.