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Eoin Bairéad is a computer consultant in Dublin.

Stephen Davis is Assistant Professor at the School of Archaeology, UCD.

Marion Dowd is a lecturer in Archaeology at IT Sligo and a specialist in cave archaeology.

Liam Downey is Adjunct Professor in the School of Archaeology, UCD, and former director of Teagasc.

Alan Dunlop is the chairman of the Numismatic Society of Ireland (Northern Branch).

Niall Gregory is a dugout boat specialist and founding member of Early Watercraft—Global Perspective of Invention and Development.

Audrey Horning is both Professor of Anthropology at the College of William and Mary and Professor of Archaeology at Queen’s University Belfast.

Marion McGarry is a GMIT lecturer, a member of the Sligo Stoker Society and author of Irish customs and rituals: how our ancestors celebrated life and the seasons.

Rena Maguire is a prehistorian with specific interests in the material culture of the Iron Age, equitation and equestrianism.

Anthony Murphy is a journalist, author, photographer and tour guide, the founder of Mythical Ireland and the discoverer of Dronehenge.

Mel Ní Mhaolanfaidh is a tour guide with Sligo Walking Tours and a member of the Sligo Stoker Society.

John O’Keeffe is the CEO of the Discovery Programme.

Muiris O’Sullivan is a professor in the School of Archaeology, UCD.

Trevor White is Director of the Little Museum of Dublin.

Nicholas L. Wright is an archaeologist and numismatist, and the Community Engagement Officer for Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council Museum Services.

Autumn 2021