Critical thinking


53 The allergy epidemic

Is there a cure on the way for life-threatening allergies in children? 58 Darkness visible

Paula Rego has unflinchingly channelled the anger of her times 61 WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A...

A moth Just like us, they taste, hear and remember 62 BOOKS

Arrival of the enigma A new biography leaves WG Sebald’s essential mystery intact 67 Home truths

A housing lawyer’s Dickensian memoir humanises a crisis 70 Saved by the bankers

Covid-19 didn’t crash the economy. What happened? 73 Click and recollect

Sally Rooney’s remorseless banality 76 BOOKS IN BRIEF 78 RECOMMENDS

Policy & Money



Inflated fears—and protections ­ & 83 POLICY REPORT: WORKING LIFE

At home with the new normal &

And finally...

85 The Generalist and Enigma

& 87 Gen X marks the spot

A forgotten middle cohort holds the key to the generation wars € ‚€ƒ„… € † ­‡ˆ 88 BRIEF ENCOUNTER

David Hare

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COP26 special: Fiona Harvey on where 30 years of climate diplomacy have got us. Lawrence Krauss: climate science and the limits of reasonable doubt. Plus: “decolonising” the National Trust

On the podcast: Nobel laureate Richard Thaler on what

“nudge” means in 2021 Gillian Tett: the anthropology of business

Rebecca Wragg Sykes on what

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forgotten Indian feminist writer Daniel Rey on Cuba’s confusing relationship with revolutionary writers Patricia Fara on Gulielma Lister, the scientist everyone should know about James Harkin argues Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan will be

judged kindly by history Plus: the history of the indispensable

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