14 News This issue features a Shanghai retrospective of Zaha Hadid, and a major show at MoMA, which considers how architects reuse and repurpose.

20 10 to See Our list of summer exhibitions is diverse, with pivotal shows that cover everything from fashion photography to eye-opening documentaries.

24 Disparate Geographies Massimo Colonna invents spaces that play with our sense of reality. Ladders climb into the sky whilst ice creams melt into stark grey tarmac.

34 Playful Camouflage Gerwyn Davies creates handmade costumes that both empower and conceal. Glittering yellow ribbons and orange cones act as masquerade.

46 Hybrid Architecture Santa Fe Modern combines an arresting mix of the contemporary and traditional, from adobe influences to sleek 21st century minimalism.

52 A Fresh Perspective Thandiwe Muriu is a rising star. Her distinctive style is gaining recognition quickly across the globe, showcasing Kenya's unique visual heritage.

60 Mapping the Climate Richard Mosse's new project, Tristes Tropiques, turns the lens on environmental destruction, capturing invisible parts of the colour spectrum.

66 Shooting Hyperreality In Benoit Paillé’s methodology, banal objects take centre stage. Fences, poles and street lamps are ultra-magnified through vivid idiosyncrasy.

76 Cultural Iconography Vivid palettes and bold symbolism characterise Namsa Leuba's iconic photographs, which explore the distinctions between "looking" and "seeing."

82 Piecing it Together Karen Navarro’s laser-cut prints, cast in bubblegum pink and pillar box red, split models’ faces into concentric circles and checker board tiles.

92 Modes of Fabrication Artists have long sought inspiration within found photographs, dissecting and reassembling them. We look at the ethical implications of collage.

98 Complex Narratives We present 10 photographic talents who focus on aspects of privacy and intimacy, holding the viewer's gaze through moments of intervention.

110 Across the Nation Jamie Hawkesworth documents the British Isles in a landmark photography series that extends over numerous years, communities and topographies.

116 New and Noteworthy The 2021 graduates from Buckinghamshire New University engage with today's pressing issues, from ethical production to equal representation.

122 Gallery Reviews This edition's coverage includes two solo shows from Aesthetica Art Prize alumni, alongside key presentations at Serpentine and SFMOMA.


127 Film, Music & Books The latest documentary from Mark Cousins features with genre-bending album releases and a comprehensive overview of women designers.

Artists’ Directory 138 Featured Practitioners This issue's artists are using a variety of colours, textures, shapes and forms to present varied and complex perspectives on an ever-changing world.

Last Words

146 Daniela Del Fabbro Centre national de l'audiovisuel's curator expands on a landmark exhibition and the wider social and ecological impact of contemporary agriculture.

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