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Good juju rising

Angélique – her name is so ubiquitous that it seems rather superfluous to add her surname. Of course, the West African superstar has graced the cover of this magazine several times previously. But it feels fitting to be catching up with her at this time as, amazingly, it’s been 40 years since the release of her debut album. This issue she talks not only about her latest release that, true to her nurturing and collaborative spirit, features a host of new talent from Africa, but also the singers and musicians who have inspired her (read more on p70).

One of the bands we’ve followed with interest since their debut back in 2016 is the Haitian band Lakou Mizik. The music of Haiti is a compelling mix of myriad s les and rhythms, all deeply ingrained in voodoo – a tradition and belief that is o en widely misunderstood and maligned but intrinsic to the lives of many Haitians. The band formed following the devastating earthquake in 2010 and, just as this issue was going to press, the shock news of the assassination of Haiti’s president was announced, plummeting the country into yet more turmoil. Lakou Mizik’s mission to show a positive side to their homeland, boost the morale of fellow Haitians and offer some respite feels all the more poignant and pertinent right now. We wish the band well and hope for some much-needed stabili in their country.

Finally the Songlines team had hoped to be donning their best festival garb at WOMAD this summer. Sadly the government put paid to that when WOMAD, like so many other arts events, was forced to cancel due to a lack of clari and assurance about COVID-19 restrictions (read more on p8). As we grapple with our new-found ‘freedoms’, I really hope that this extended period of culture deprivation will result in a flourishing and greater appreciation for the arts in the future.

Jo Frost, editor

Lakou Mizik’s mission to show a positive side to Haiti feels all the more poignant

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Daniel Spicer A writer, broadcaster, improviser and poet, Daniel is author of Turkish Psychedelic Music Explosion. Read his interview with Derya Yıldırım & Grup Şimşek on p28 and his Essential 10 Anatolian psych albums on p82.

Karolina Jeppson With a background in anthropology, Karolina has focused her journalistic work on music, literature and poetry in West and South-East Africa. Read her Dispatch about music in Samos’ refugee camp on p73.

Dan Shutt A musician and filmmaker, Dan is currently working on a film about hunting myths in the polyphonic folk music of Georgia. He introduces the Altai throatsinging trio Bai-Terek on p16.

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