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89 The three worst words

Inside the Imperial War Museum’s battle to appeal to a divided nation 94 The logic of the screen

Amia Srinivasan on how pornography kills the imagination 98 Meet the cousins

What Neanderthals can teach us 101 WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE...

An ant Little creatures pose big questions 102 BOOKS

The enlightened economist Mark Carney on rebooting capitalism 1 0 7 Pills, bills and heartache

A polemic on Big Pharma needs more rigour 110 The optimistic Indian

Amartya Sen’s companionable life and high ideals 113 Merciless on principle

The perverse life of DH Lawrence 116 BOOKS IN BRIEF 118 RECOMMENDS


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the details ­€ ‚ €€ ƒ„ & 122 POLICY REPORT

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124 The Generalist and Enigma

& 127 Some like it hot

British summers are plagued with uncertainty—something we enjoy moaning about almost as much as we do the sun …„ …†‡ˆ … ‰Š„‹ŒŽ‰ 1 2 8 BRIEF ENCOUNTER

Ali Smith

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Andrew Gamble tracks the rise and rise of the Greens. Jessica Abrahams asks what a feminist foreign policy might look like. Ari Ezra Waldman on Silicon Valley’s second-generation leaders. Plus: WG Sebald’s journeys and our verdict on the new Sally Rooney

On the podcast: Ed Miliband—how to fix our world Gillian Tett on anthropology and business

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