Forecasts for the start of conference season, p5 and p12

Women in the wars, p56

53 Lloyd Evans Back from the Brink,

by Alistair Darling 54 Byron Rogers How to Disappear,

by Duncan Fallowell Bookends Mark Mason Arts 55 James Delingpole Interview with Roy Harper 56 Exhibitions Women War Artists; Eileen Cooper

Andrew Lambirth 58 Music Peter Phillips 59 Cinema Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Deborah Ross 60 Theatre Truth and Reconciliation;

The Kitchen Lloyd Evans 61 Opera Das Rheingold; Le Nozze di Figaro

Michael Tanner 62 Radio Kate Chisholm 63 Television Simon Hoggart Culture notes Kate Chisholm

Life 69 High life Taki Low life Jeremy Clarke 70 Real life Melissa Kite 71 The turf Robin Oakley Bridge Janet de Botton And finaly . . . 72 Chess Raymond Keene 73 Competition; Crossword 74 Status anxiety Toby Young Dave Michael Heath 75 Sport Roger Alton Your problems solved Mary Killen 76 Food Tanya Gold Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

Winnie took young Juju under her wing and began to school him in the art of stirring up racial antagonisms Rian Malan, p24

When I look at John Galliano, I see a man who loves Nazi uniforms so much he forgets the politics Tanya Gold, p27

You could hardly go for a country walk 95 million years ago; had a passing carcharodontosaurus seen you, you’d be an amuse-bouche Simon Hoggart, p63


Rian Malan is a South African journalist and author of My Traitor’s Heart. He also writes songs in Afrikaans.

Philip Hensher is an author and critic; his most recent novel is King of the Badgers.

Peregrine Worsthorne is a former editor of the Sunday Telegraph.

Martin Bell is a former MP for Tatton and will be reading his verse at the Lichfield Literature festival next month.

Patrick Allitt is the Cahoon Family professor of American history at Emory University, Atlanta, and author of Religion in America Since 1945.

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