Tinkering with le Carré, p59

Listening to the siege of Leningrad, p51

5 Leading article 9 Portrait of the Week 11 Diary Ed Vaizey 12 Politics James Forsyth 16 Barometer 19 Rod Liddle 34 Ancient and modern 37 Matthew Parris 38 James Delingpole 41 Letters 43 Any other business Martin Vander Weyer

Charles Moore is away.

14 The bond bubble will burst An imminent economic disaster that no one wants to talk about Allister Heath 15 Martin Bell ‘Hearts and minds’: a poem 16 The world’s worst flirts

British men are just rude Julia Stephenson 20 Paddy Ashdown interviewed How I learned to love the Tories

James Forsyth 24 South Africa’s mini-Mugabe Can anyone stop Julius Malema?

Rian Malan 27 John Galliano isn’t an anti-Semite But plenty of lefties are

Tanya Gold 28 Leave those kids alone

Pain is natural; therapy isn’t Carol Sarler 30 Sex and the novelist: a debate

Philip Hensher/PeregrineWorsthorne

32 Russian notebook Ian Buruma 34 Preaching to the converted

Religion could doom the US right Patrick Allitt Books 46 Jonathan Bate The Last Pre-Raphaelite, by Fiona

MacCarthy 48 Lewis Jones Rognarök, by A.S. Byatt John de Falbe All That I Am, by

Anna Funder 49 Anthony Cummins The Quality of

Mercy, by Barry Unsworth Douglas Hurd Ghosts of Empire, by

Kwasi Kwarteng 50 Ian Thomson Murder in Notting Hill, by Mark Olden 51 Victor Sebestyen Leningrad, by Anna Reid 52 Alan Judd The Art of Betrayal, by

Gordon Corera

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