4 Change is Where You Are Morag Gamble describes her incredible life’s journey from Melbourne, Australia, to Europe and Ladakh, and then home to work, seeding solutions with people from all over the world.

13 Turning Exhausted Farms into Abundant Farms Swayyam’s 1000 Tree Project increases forest cover, restores biodiversity and ensures food, fodder and livelihood security through regenerative practices.

31 Permayouth – bringing art, culture and music to the world through the lens of permaculture Being locked down in a global pandemic could be a problem for many youths, but Maia Raymond turned it into a solution.

34 Growing in Time Kevin P. Tremblay describes how he has enabled Nature to create a beautiful temperate food forest.

38 The Wise Woman Way Susun Weed shares three traditions of Scientific, Heroic and Wise Woman.

55 The Seasonal Rhythm of Self-Sufficiency Growing for year round harvests takes a bit of planning. Liz Zorab walks us through the options.

59 Sense Making and Moving Forward How do we frame and integrate our unprecedented times? Looby Macnamara offers valuable tools for recovery and replenishment.

67 Building Community Resilience with Permaculture and AfroBrazilian Culture Kilombo Tenodé in Brazil brings together Indigenous knowledge and permaculture, to create an educational centre for local and global visitors.

70 How We Will Free Ourselves – Together Skeena Rathor and Rupert Read outline how the process of transformative adaptation to climate breakdown can enable us to reclaim our interdependence and step into our full power as a species.

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1 Editorial 25 Readers’ Solutions How to create a rain garden and reduce wasted water.

45 Permaculture Market 53 News and Events Trainee opportunity, Ocean art and University food forests.

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