INDULGE textiles to buy, collect or simply admire. 20 Christmas Shopping The development of the retail industry and the changing desires of consumers. 37 Neck and Neck A round up of the finest scarves and the designer-makers that produce them. 81 Quintessence Clare Tough has an unusual approach to knitwear.

INDUSTRY from craft to commerce. 14 In the heart land Del Cerro textiles show a commitment to people and place. 30 Dark days and long nights We explore the dying art of traditional button mattress making. 30 Class act Weekend workshops and short courses prove knowledge is powerful even in short doses.

ANECDOTE textiles that touch our lives. 46 A warm hand A gathering of makers who specialise in gorgeous Swedish gloves. 51 Penpal In praise of the written word and fine stationery. 55 Cast in stone A fanciful use of fabric and drapery in architecture.

CONCEPT textiles in fine art. 48 Following the thread Laila Karttunen, a struggling Finnish artist who found a new path. 75 All that glitters Unconventional but desirable, textile jewellery is beginning to shine.

ATTIRE critical reporting of fashion trends. 20 There's nothing like fur to divide opinion among fashion folk. We enter this perennial heated debate. 22 Athenian glamour Sophia Kokosalaki helps mere mortals bring out their inner goddess. 32 Straight laced A bodice-ripping examination of a once demure fabric.

COHABIT stunning interiors beautifully photographed. 26 Sleep tight We weigh the merits and history of sheets, duvets and blankets. 40 Bored with boards and chilly toes? A return to rugs and carpets could be coming but now they have an edge. 70 Queen of the Castle Tartan was developed for camouflage but this home stands out.

GLOBAL travel destinations and ethnographic textiles. 60 Grand tour Intrepid traveller Sheila Paine shares her expertise and her stunning collection. 68 On the silk road Textiles in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

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