INDULGE textiles to buy, collect or simply admire. 13 Inner light Each scarf woven by Rezia Wahid reflects her beliefs and her positive state of mind. 76 Full sale ahead Some customers never knowingly pay full price. Love or loath them, sales are everywhere. 81 Quintessence Helen Yardley’s rugs make every home an art house.

INDUSTRY from craft to commerce. 16 The price is right Tariff: charge, cost, tax, toll; the ongoing debate and issues surrounding textiles tariffs. 32 The circle of life Changing the world through textiles, eco chic is much more than a trend.

ANECDOTE textiles that touch our lives. 54 In the bag Feed Sack Clothing in America. 96 Warming up Hudson’s Bay Point Blankets.

CONCEPT textiles in fine art. 22 Multiple layers An interview with Chunghie Lee, an artist who sees Korean traditions in a modern light. 56 Making the connection Fiona Rutherford’s journey to Japan was a life-changing experience.

ATTIRE critical reporting of fashion trends. 60 Lights, camera, action Toast would travel to the ends of the earth to do their clothes justice. 72 Once bitten, twice shy Independent fashion label Ghulam Sakina is back in the spotlight.

COHABIT stunning interiors beautifully photographed. 42 A soft touch Paper and paint may seem like your only options but your walls could be better dressed. 44 Cover up More than a quick fix, re-upholstering offers your furniture a new lease of life. 46 Painterly patterns Fabric companies have a history of tempting artists into the commercial arena.

GLOBAL travel destinations and ethnographic textiles. 24 January in Jaipur Visit the Rose Pink City, a fount of the Arts and home to a fabulous festival. 52 Textiles without frontiers Dorothy Reglar uses her skills to help at home and abroad. 68 The accidental purist Asha Sarabhi never intended to spend her life in pursuit of textile perfection.


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