Critical thinking


53 Present imperfect

Homeschooling parents are struggling with educational jargon 58 Out of the cage

Filmmaker Adam Curtis on the hollowing out of democracy 62 The myth of civilisation

How we misunderstand the appalling destruction of Palmyra 65 WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A...

Pigeon Imagining a master-navigator from the inside 66 BOOKS

Electric dreams, revisited The drama of Kazuo Ishiguro’s new AI novel lies at the edge of the story 70 Back to basics

Conservative parties are finding electoral success by re-emphasising stability and order 73 The mind of God

The very human faults of Stephen Hawking 76 BOOKS IN BRIEF 78 RECOMMENDS

Policy & Money



Are we in a bubble?  ­€ ‚ €€ ƒ„ & 82 POLICY REPORT

International trade , &

And finally...

85 The Generalist and Enigma

& 87 An ode to letter-writing

The forgotten delights of the handwritten note …„ …†‡ˆ …  ‰Š„‹ŒŽ‰ 88 BRIEF ENCOUNTER

Val McDermid

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