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Features 24 A Survey of the Postmodern With 20 years hindsight, a survey into the visual products from the postmodern era. 30 The Politics of Sustenance Using the analogy of a dog questioning the origins of food, this exhibition considers what sustains mankind in the 21st century. 36 Manipulating Light A major survey into the understanding of light in the context of physical space and object. 42 No Limits Rencontres d’Arles explores photography’s varied aesthetics. 50 Infinity in Miniature The first major UK retrospective of Charles Matton presents his miniature enclosures. 56 Building Momentum Showcasing this young photographer’s work, providing insight into her creative processes. 64 Break My Fall The feature film debut from Kanchi Wichmann explores the underbelly of a group of twenty-somethings in East London.

The Boutique Festival Xanthe Hamilton, director of Branchage, Jersey’s Film Festival, tells us what to expect this year. 72 At Your Fingertips: App Music Tablets like the iPad are changing the way music is made. We look at a genuine game-changer. 74 FOUND Abstract Edinburgh-based art rockers. 76 Shen Wei Dance Arts Shen Wei Dance Arts present Re-Triptych as part of the 2011 Edinburgh International Festival, bringing the sentiments of Asia to the West. 72 Regulars 16 News 2 10 to See 81 Live on Stage 89 Artists’ Directory 98 In Conversation with: Mariah Robertson Reviews 62 Exhibitions 71 DVDs 75 Music 83 Books

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