Critical thinking


53 Trapping the beast

Francis Bacon’s visceral figures expose humanity’s animal nature - 58 Web of words

Writers are grappling with the internet’s pathologies and pleasures - 61 WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE A....

Bat A philosopher asked the question in 1974. We’ve learned a lot since 62 BOOKS

Bang to rights A new critique of human rights misses why we still need them 67 Lost in the magic money forest

Rishi Sunak has had a good pandemic. Can it last? 70 Dark side of the moonshot

Technocratic policymaking has its attractions. But don’t forget politics 73 Milton’s prophetic strain

How the author of Paradise Lost found himself 76 BOOKS IN BRIEF 78 RECOMMENDS

Policy & Money



When to cut and run ‚ƒ„ „…ƒƒ†ƒ & 82 POLICY REPORT

Housing after Covid-19 , &

And finally...

85 The Generalist and Enigmas

& 87 The ratings game

As online shopping booms everyone has become a critic ‡ƒˆ‡‰Š‹Œ‡ Œ†Žƒ…‘’† 88 BRIEF ENCOUNTER

James O’Brien

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