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36 Ssewa Ssewa

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Simon Says 21 Letters


FEATURES 22 Afel Bocoum

The Malian musician shares his concerns and hopes for his country 28 AMMAR 808

Sofyann Ben Youssef takes a musical trip to South India 32 Criolo

Th B 36 S

The Brazilian rapper on Bolsonaro and COVID-19 36 Ssewa Ssewa

Th b to 38 D

The musician intent on bringing Ugandan music to wider audiences 38 Dinastía Torres

Th C m

The family keeping Colombia’s Pacific marimba music alive

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“Music amplifies the feelings and the voices of the people and that is extremely important now”

Rapper Criolo is hopeful despite the

challenges Brazil faces, see p32

19 Dandana

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Pekko Käppi 81 Soapbox 82 Essential 10:

Malian Guitarists

Malian Guitarists