Arts and books

60 Martin Amis: My Struggle Friendships with great writers and affairs with glamorous women 65 A study in brutal failure Home Office incompetence on immigration is cruel but not unusual 67 How far can you go? Lucian Freud pushed his art—and life— to the limit 70 Ignorance excuses not The Secret Barrister challenges self-serving claims about the law

Prospect life

77 Home front Fur in the family 78 The wild frontier For the record 79 Food court “No-show” stopping plus ’ cartoon strip 80 Classical musing Secondhand love plus ’ The way we were 81 Popularity context Spaced out ’


72 BOOKS IN BRIEF The Tyranny of Merit Entitled: How Male Privilege Hurts Women The Wake Up Call The Great Imperial Hangover Ravenna Russian Roulette: The Life and Times of Graham Greene 74 RECOMMENDS The best from the worlds of Art, Film, Theatre, Classical & Opera, Television and Podcasts

Policy & money

ECONOMICS AND INVESTMENT 82 Going bullish on Europe & Š

POLICY REPORT 84 The digital future & Š


87 The Generalist and Enigmas & 88 Brief encounter

In the next issue... Adam Posen on the future of world trade. Madeleine Bunting on David Goodhart’s new book Head, Hand, Heart. Plus: Rachel Shabi on why the Corbyn project failed

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Adam Tooze on the Covid economic crisis

Nesrine Malik on the culture wars Kate Manne on male entitlement

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