Counter-Mannerism and Early Baroque 46 Reading American Song by Paul Engle and The Land by Vita

Sackville-West 47 Thigh-Bone of a Deer 48 At St Gobnait’s Well 51 At the Monte Carlo Minneapolis 52 An Emergency of Ornaments 54 A Cork Fog 55 Sand, Ink 56 Cruise Ship in Cork Harbour 57 Four Crew 58 The Scent from Architecture 60 A Celtic Miscellany 61 Last Flight 63 Vermeer and Thrift 64 ‘Adam and Eve’ by Francis Picabia 65 The Seven Pear Trees of Avigdor Arikha 66 Last Service in the Orthodox Synagogue 67 The Voice of Larry Cunningham 68 Majestic 70 In Reduced Circumstances 72 At Thoor Ballylee 74 Guy Lombardo 76 Taking Instructions from Gertrude Jekyl 78

Acknowledgements 80