For five generations, Hacı Bekir has been renowned for Turkey’s most famous export, lokum or Turkish Delight. The firm has been enticing discerning palates since 1777, when Bekir Efendi, a confectioner from Kastamonu, opened a little shop in Istanbul near the Egyptian Bazaar. He was soon appointed Confectioner to the Sultan, and the firm he founded is now one of the 100 oldest in the world. A subtle blend that is never too sweet, never too sticky, Hacı Bekir lokum is full of delicious natural flavours – rose-petal, mastic, pistachio or coconut, among others. You no longer need to travel to Istanbul for this taste sensation. You can order it online, and even in select shops abroad. But nothing compares with the experience of savouring the wonderful varieties of Hacı Bekir lokum in its home setting.

Eminönü A Hamidiye Cad No 31 Tel +90 212 522 06 66 Eminönü B Hamidiye Cad No 33 Tel +90 212 522 85 43

Beyoğlu İstiklâl Cad No 83/A Beyoğlu, Istanbul Tel +90 212 244 28 04

Kadıköy Muvakkithane Cad No 6-1, Kadıköy, Istanbul Tel +90 216 336 15 19

Pendik (Factory) Ankara Cad No 76, Pendik, Istanbul Tel +90 216 379 49 21

Bakırköy Fişekhane Cad No 40, D.2 Bakırköy, Istanbul Tel +90 212 543 20 61

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