i Icebergs Jacqueline Goss POETRY 1 Going for A Walk Damon Moore 3 Two Untitled Phyllis Peters 6 Pessi/Opti Zebulon Huset 10 Two Colleen O’Brien 12 Two Jose-Luis Moctezuma 16 After Stripping out the Hillside . . . John Patrick McShea 24 Two from Rainy Days on the Farm Lesle Lewis 32 Worry Yourself Well Peter Giebel 55 Five from The Bacchae Brandon Downing 60 Three Wayne Koestenbaum 70 Mt. Mitchell Jackie Clark 76 stanzas from Cry Baby Mystic Daniel Tiffany 94 Two Mathew Broadus 97 Sphinx of Black Quartz, Judge My Vow! Chris Stroffolino 99 Five Makmak Faunlagui 115 K’s Party, 68th Street Strummer Hoffston 117 Red Armor Rachel Galvin 119 Three Adam Day 123 Three Jamie Thomson 136 Under, and After Lloyd Wallace 137 The Perseids Robin Rahija 139 from Leech-Book Ava Hofmann 148 Two Michelle Taransky 154 The Coppices of Pleasure Charles Legere 157 Kalām Kalashnikov Rose Knap 159 Passus 1 Erin Trap 174 Three Mike Crossley 177 Two Raquel Gutierez 180 Two Evan Haris 186 Magnificent, She Said Gabrielle Jennings