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Hot list 2020 The list is in! From classic African safaris to Pakistan’s new promise,

here’s our round-up of the top destinations to visit next year – and

why they’re hot to touch

Features & pocket guides 46 India As tigers stalk the shadowy forests of Dudhwa NP, we follow the wildlife whistleblowers to stay hot on their trail 96 Georgia Why ancient cave cities, rolling green hills and endless wine make for an intoxicating blend in Georgia 116 Wrangel Island Uncover an invisible land and one of the best places to see polar bears on a journey to the top of the world 136 San Agustín, Colombia Experience a bygone civilisation, lost tombs and a watery world steeped in secrets along Colombia’s Magdalena river 177 Travel icon: Cape Town Beyond the buzz of South Africa’s vibrant capital are mountain treks and moving museums aplenty 179 Short break: Tenerife WindsurŒing, wildlife and walks galore – why everyone’s favourite Canary island is an adventurer’s dream


Points of view 12 View inder Top photogr phs, from the northern lights to gre t whites 18 Your letters & photos Exploring Kyrgyzstan and rainforest wonders – what you’ve been up to 186 The real wonders of the world Why Australia’s Ningaloo reef is the marine hotspot you need to see

10 December 2019/January 2020

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