Where do we grow from here? Issue 317 November/December 2019





10 RESISTANCE IN THE AMAZON Mitch Anderson reports on a hard-won victory 14 EQUALITY AND NATURE Racism is destroying the green movement,

says Mya-Rose Craig 16 WHERE THE WIND BLOWS Sasha Dovzhyk writes on the living legacy of Chernobyl 19 BY THE BANKS OF LOCH ARIENAS Oak woods inspire Adam Nicolson with a vision

for the future


22 WHAT IF… Rob Hopkins dares to imagine a better world

Cover image: Repair by Baracco+Wright Architects with Linda Tegg This is a photo from the exhibition installation at the Australian Pavilion, Venice Biennale, 2018, featuring: Grasslands Repair, 2018 by Linda Tegg with Baracco+Wright Architects and Skylight by Baracco+Wright Architects with Linda Tegg. Photograph by Rory Gardiner.


28 A GROWING DILEMMA There is an alternative to economic growth, writes

Brendan Montague 30 BREAKING IT DOWN Riccardo Mastini explains the four pillars of degrowth

NEW ONLINE New gallery feature on Repair by Baracco+Wright Architects with Linda Tegg (featured on our cover) Martin Palmer looks back at Jay Ramsay’s last book of poetry on the anniversary of his death Live updates from readers who took part in the Extinction Rebellion actions across London in October. Sign up for our new monthly newsletter.

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November/December 2019