6 S ouhar c e – A s s ur an c e Maladie

5 B elia W inne w is s er – L ower

2:3 0


6 JMO – Take a Br e ak

5 T her minal C – Sp u tnik Cr a s h

4 Tou t Ble u – S ou v ien s - toi

3 Ja s on K han – Ne arl y You

4 Manuel Tr oller – H ologr am


3:4 5

Special subscriber giveaway: Interactions double CD + DL

3 Papir o & Yanik S oland – Nozomi

2 Joke L anz – D u t s c hke

1 Julian Sar torius – Ziggli

3:3 3

2:5 9

2 Mar tina Lus si – Pool

1 Rudolf Eb.er – To d am Ba c h

C D2

C D1

INTERACTIONS A Guide to Swiss Underground Experimental Music



AG u i

d e t


S w i

s s

U n d e r g r o u n d

E x p e r i

m e n t a l

M u s i


BR120 2019

B R 1 2 0

15.07.19 23:00

With this month’s issue of The Wire, all subscribers to the print magazine will be sent an exclusive limited edition double CD and download of new music from the Swiss underground, while all digital subscribers will get the compilation as a download.

Interactions: A Guide To Swiss Underground Experimental Music features 27 tracks by musicians working in the realms of free improvisation, ambient, industrial music, noise, sound art and beyond. Compiled by Luis Alvarado, with sleeve art by Marco Papiro, and issued by the Lima-based Buh Records, the CD highlights the

intense activity currently animating the experimental scenes in Zürich, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Biel, Chiasso and Lucerne.

Here’s a roll call of all the musicians featured on the compilation: Rudolf Eb.er, Martina Lussi, Papiro & Yanik Soland, Manuel Troller, Niton, Therminal C, JMO, Flo Stoffner, Christian Müller, Erb/Loriot/Morishige, Noijzu, Christian Kobi, Alvear/Bondi/d’incise, Julian Sartorius, Joke Lanz, Jason Khan, Tout Bleu, Belia Winnewisser, Souharce, Laurent Güdel, Dave Phillips, Denis Rollet, Gilles Aubry, Jen Morris, Le Pot, Purpura, and Francisco Meirino.

Interactions is given away free to Wire subscribers with copies of this month’s October issue. If you are not yet a subscriber, fear not: take out a new subscription to the magazine this month and we will send you a copy of this exclusive limited edition anthology, free – see page 104 or go to thewire.co.uk/subscribe.

Interactions is a project of Incidencias Sonoras: COINCIDENCIA, an experimental music and sound art platform supported by the Swiss arts council Pro Helvetia. The compilation will also be available to buy as a limited vinyl edition and download direct from the Buh label: buhrecords.bandcamp.com.

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