Listen up! Issue 316 September/October 2019





10 THE LIE OF THE LAND Russell Warfield meets author Guy Shrubsole 13 GOING DEEP There are natural solutions to the climate crisis, writes

Charlotte Latimer 14 A FLYING SHAME Swedes are boycotting flights to save the planet,

reports Richard Orange 15 GEARED UP TO GO NEUTRAL Copenhagen is leading the way, writes Catherine Early 16 A WARNING FROM FUKUSHIMA Eleanor Rose meets a group of mothers who survived

the disaster

Cover photograph: Greta Thunberg, 23 April 2019 © FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

18 DEPARTMENTS FOR PEACE Vijay Mehta explains why every country should have one


20 LISTENING PRACTICE We need to relearn how to listen to each other, writes

Michelle Brenner


26 A ROUSING CHORUS David W. Orr explores the power of music in an

age of crisis 29 THE WILD SOUNDSCAPE We need to listen more to the world around us, writes

Kara Moses 30 STREETS AHEAD Anna Woods and Marianne Brown reports on efforts

to make Edinburgh more liveable 31 TRAFFIC NOISE John Stewart discusses the impact of electric cars

NEW ONLINE An exploration of people’s desire for spiritual fulfilment – Hilary Davies dives into a new collection of poetry by James Harper Satish Kumar begins our second series of the Resurgence Voices podcast with a conversation about inspiring heroes, including Greta Thunberg, and reflects on his memories of meeting Martin Luther King

Our new podcast Resurgence Sounds celebrates slow listening with some living soundscapes from river to sea A gallery feature on artist Lynn Bailey The stories environmentalists across the globe are talking about, plus opinion pieces and reviews. Check for new daily content, including regular analysis of key political issues

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September/October 2019