Contents September 2019 • Volume 91 • Issue 09


16DOSSIER:NOT SO CLEAR CUT Despite greater protections and far more awareness of the drivers of deforestation than at any time in history, why does the threat to our planet’s lungs appear greater than ever before?


TALKING MAPS Every map tells a tale, and a new exhibition at the Bodleian Library celebrates the sheer variety of these stories


JOINING THE DOTS A revolution in digital mapmaking is underway and the implications for industry, the environment and humanity are huge


TREADING ON HISTORY From October, tourists will no longer be able to climb Uluru. What does this mean for Aboriginal people and visitors alike?


THE HEALING GARDEN How traditional architectural and modern therapeutic techniques are combining in northern Iraq to heal a land and its people


WORLDWATCH 6 Wooden skyscrapers 8 Global tree cover 9 Climatewatch 10 I’m a Geographer:

Dan Richards 11 Greenland’s hidden lakes 12 Maritime navigation 14 Aboriginal land rights 15 Geopolitical Hotspot:

Hawaii REGULARS 51 Spotlight: Guyana 58 Reviews 63 Explore: Zanskar River 69 Discovering Britain:

Gower Peninsula 70 Geophoto: Projects 74 Where in the World? 75 Crossword 76 In Society 77 RGS-IBG Events 78 RGS-IBG Archive 82 Next Month: Jellyfish

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