26 Taking Responsibility Parley for the Oceans tackles the issue of single use plastic, collaborating with high-profile artists and designers such as Adidas and Doug Aitken.

32 Dramatic Architecture Sebastian Weiss' images spark dialogues with buildings; glass and concrete come together in fluid structures that stretch into clean blue skies.


42 Changing Definitions A selection of 100 contemporary sculptors push the boundaries of materials, from concrete and metal to neon, plant-life and data algorithm.

48 Pockets of Colour Kyle Jeffers produces elegant and playful images within industrial surroundings; ladders, crates and cranes feature heavily in vibrant environments.

60 Spatial Experiments Photographers at Unseen Amsterdam test uneven ground with bold, abstracted compositions that explore both manmade and natural landscapes.

66 Forms of Recluse Solitude is increasingly prevalent within today's age of isolation. Kyle Thompson expresses this sense of disconnect through desolate worlds.

76 Looking Outwards Rebecca Reeve comments on our increasingly urban existence, transporting viewers to the wide, open expanses of America's national parks.

86 Illusory Narratives Max Pinckers' Margins of Excess series investigates the notion of truths and subjective realities. The images sit somewhere between fact and fiction.

92 Intimacy with Nature This issue of Aesthetica marks the sixth instalment of the Next Generation, an annual collaboration with London College of Communication, UAL.

104 Unlimited Possibilities Studio Brasch creates clean, utopian rooms that boast Wes Anderson-esque colour palettes; new spaces rendered through CGI and digital design.

114 Striking Depictions Shafts of light. Distorted facial features. Shadows falling across skin. Alessio Albi's portraits draw attention to the body with mesmerising intensity.

124 Social Documentary Ute and Werner Mahler grew up in the GDR; their photographs provide a searing reflection on the country decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall.



130 Gallery Reviews This edition includes coverage of Richard Learoyd at Fundación MAPFRE, as well as the European premiere of John Akomfrah's Precarity at BALTIC.

134 New Identities Shola Amoo’s fictional debut,The Last Tree, is a semi-autobiographical account that follows a young man as he is relocated to South London.


136 Interpreting Grief Sui Zhen's new album, Losing, Linda makes use of avatars, or “digital doppelgängers," tapping into the language of online platforms and realities.


138 Icons of Progress Gold has long existed as an economic and social placeholder for wealth and power. Lisa Barnard's latest photobook looks at capitalism and labour.

Artists’ Directory 154 Inside this Issue Shape and texture are key considerations for this edition's artists; they experiment with a range of patterns, surfaces, finishes and consistencies.

Last Words

162 Bauhaus-Archiv Nina Wiedemeyer discusses the international legacy of the school and its wider reproductions as part of the 2019 centenary commemorations.

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