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Making the most OF THE MUSIC

Listeners to classical music have always sought out the very best in sound quality – and the most innovative labels and in many cases artists have always pushed the boundaries of recording technology to make sure they offer it. After all, when they devote their life to perfecting their art, why wouldn’t a musician want to make sure they are heard in the finest possible sound? Where once this meant vinyl, then CDs, now it’s possible to hear the highest quality music digitally, and even on the move. Streaming in CD-quality sound is now thankfully commonplace, but better even than this is to acquire your music in high resolution sound.

Once you’ve decided how you want to listen, and settled on your format of choice, the next decision of course is what you are going to listen to. And there are some albums which really play to the strengths of all that high resolution sound can offer – every issue, from my Editor’s Choice selection, our Audio Editor

Andrew Everard chooses one particular release that does exactly that. We’ve here gathered together his selection from the past year – 13 issues when you include our special Awards edition of the magazine – along with our critics’ reviews of them. We hope you enjoy reading them and feel inspired to listen to as many as you can – they’re all among the very finest examples of what modern recording technology can offer. Each is available to be heard from our media partner Qobuz, a streaming service which has long demonstrated that a commitment to the best quality of recorded sound lies at its heart – simply click each sleeve to be taken straight through to the Qobuz website.

I hope you enjoy this special digital magazine – and just a reminder that every issue of Gramophone features more coverage of the latest audio developments in our monthly section devoted to technology and Hi-Fi.

Martin Cullingford Editor, Gramophone

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