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15 Whose city?

If the future of humanity lies in cities, says Dinyar Godrej, then it follows that inhabitants of every strata must have a right to it.

21 Cities – THE FACTS

22 The price is not right

UN expert Leilani Farha explains the great housing grab.

25 Small city, big dreams

The fallout of not making it in the city. Snigdha Poonam reports from Ranchi, India.

28 Grand designs

Architecture has plans for you, says Laith Kharus Whitwham.

30 Spectacle and reality in Rio

How the Olympics provided cover for a takeover. By Anne-Marie Broudehoux.

34 Vanishing point

Losing himself in the city, David Nnanna Ikpo comes to terms with his sexual identity.



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REGULARS   ­6 Letters

Plus: Why I…   7 Letter from Dhaka

Despite having bought colourful bangles for over a decade, Parsa Sanjana Sajid wonders who makes them and at what cost.

38 Country Profile: Dominica

40 Cartoon History

The gruesome Peterloo Massacre, which took place in Manchester in 1819, is retold in graphic form by Polyp.

46 The Debate

This issue’s dilemma asks whether or not pacifism is appropriate in today’s world. Tim Gee and Rahila Gupta tussle it out.

53 Hall of Infamy

The infamous and long-term Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, gets a good grilling.

57 Southern Exposure

Award-winning Palestinian photographer Wissam Nassar shares a bittersweet scene in Gaza.

58 The Interview

Ms Saffaa – the self-exiled Saudi street artist – talks to Alessio Perrone about the inspiration for her murals and why Saudi women need a different narrative.