mind & matter 27 Paul Broks

The Heartland: Finding & Losing Schizophrenia Nathan Filer 28 P hil Baker

Mescaline: A Global History of the First Psychedelic Mike Jay

history 29 Nicholas Vincent

The Song of Simon de Montfort: England’s First Revolutionary & the Death of Chivalry Sophie Thérèse Ambler 31 F rank McLynn

Out of Our Minds: What We Think & How We Came to Think It Felipe Fernández-Armesto

foreign parts 32 Richard Cockett

A Savage Dreamland: Journeys in Burma David Eimer 33 David Motadel

Secular St ates, Religious Politics: India, Turkey, & the Future of Secularism Sumantra Bose 35 O liver Balch

Outpost: A Journey to the Wild Ends of the Earth Dan Richards

general 36 Lucy Moore

Dressed: The Secret Life of Clothes Shahidha Bari 37 C hristopher Hart

The Way to the Sea: The Forgotten Histories of the Thames Estuary Caroline Crampton 38 C harlie Pye-Smith

Who Owns England? How We Lost Our Green & Pleasant Land & How to Take It Back Guy Shrubsole 39 Ric hard Smyth

Homing: On Pigeons, Dwellings, & Why We Return Jon Day 40 Bijan Omr ani

The Snow Leopard Project and Other Adventures in Warzone Conservation Alex Dehgan 42 R affaello Pantucci

Being Young, Male and Muslim in Luton Ashraf Hoque 43 S imon Briscoe

The Art of Statistics David Spiegelhalter

poetry 45 David Wheatley

Peaches Goes It Alone Frederick Seidel • Girlhood Julia Copus • Counting Backwards: Poems 1975–2017 Helen Dunmore

footprints 46 Michael Griffin on Eugeniu Botez and the Danube

fiction 48 David Collard

Tamarisk Row • Border Districts Gerald Murnane 49 L esley Downer

Dandelions Yasunari Kawabata 50 S amuel Reilly

Travellers Helon Habila 51 S am Kitchener

Night Boat to Tangier Kevin Barry 52 S ophie Baggott

Things that Fall from the Sky Selja Ahava 52 Mic hael Delgado

Shadowplay Joseph O’Connor 54 T om Williams

Plume Will Wiles 54 El len Jones

The Girl at the Door Veronica Raimo 55 George W ilson

What Red Was Rosie Price

children’s books 56 Philip Womack on seven new books

silenced voices 57 Lucy Popescu on Ayşe Düzkan

crime 58 Natasha Cooper on nine new novels

bookends 64 David Gelber on Latvia’s national library

19 Liter ary Review Bookshop 47 Crossword

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