80 The Puzzler

81 Agony Uncle

In this issue, we help a frustrated newsreader get to grips with the issues at hand.

82 What If…

Jacob Ohrvik-Stott imagines a world where digital technology was regulated for the public good.


47 View from Brazil

Leonardo Sakamoto on whether or not pensions will unite lefties in Brazil against Bolsonaro. Plus: Kate Evans’ Thoughts from a Broad

59 View from India

Nilanjana Bhowmick comments on the current state of India’s children. Plus: Marc Roberts’ Only Planet

73 View from Africa

Nanjala Nyabola highlights that although the Manafort trial might be far from African shores, it shouldn’t be far from African minds. Plus: Polyp’s Big Bad World


48 Photo Essay: South Africa’s born-frees

Dutch photographer Ilvy Njiokiktjien captures the thoughts and feelings of young South Africans in the post-apartheid ‘rainbow nation’.

56 From a place of healing

Frauke Decoodt sits in on a gathering of indigenous feminists in Guatemala – coming together to heal and rise up against male violence.

60 ‘Licence to kill’

Lorraine Mallinder reports on the brewing tension in Cameroon between the people and President Biya’s repressive regime.

64 Bullet ants and stolen land

Sue Branford takes us into the Brazilian Amazon, where the Sateré indigenous people are not taking Bolsonaro’s hostility sitting down.



74 Spotlight

Trinidadian musician Anthony Joseph tells Subi Shah about how important it is for his children to know about Windrush.

76 Book Reviews

Future Histories by Lizzie O’Shea; I Will Never See the World Again by Ahmet Altan; Days in the Caucasus by Banine; Under Red Skies by Karoline Kan.

78 Film Reviews

Woman at War, directed and co-written by Benedikt Erlingsson; The Third Wife, directed and written by Ash Mayfair.

79 Music Reviews

The Medicine Show by Melissa Etheridge; Play Wooden Child by Nodding God.



02.04.19 A non-violent movement is gaining ground in

Pakistan The army is quashing a peaceful liberation

movement in Pakistan, Suddaf Chaudry asks why.

07.03.19 Union blacklisting and police infiltration,

10 years on Progress has been slow since the 2009

revelations of workers being blacklisted for union activity, Phil Chamberlain writes.

28.02.19 India’s opioid paradox Sick people are dying in pain thanks to the

misguided ‘war on drugs’, writes Martin Drewry.

27.02.19 Police violence against gilets jaunes sparks

broad backlash Riot police using flashballs and rubber bullets

in France have caused severe harm. Now, a movement is growing to disarm them. Oliver Haynes reports.