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T h e w o r l d’

s g r e a t e s t c h oirs

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Schubert’s last sonata Hunting the inest recording of ‘the pianist’s Hamlet’

“ T h e s o u n d o f

B a c h,

o f

B e e t h o v e n,

o f

B r u c k n e r t o o …isthesoundof

G o d ”

V ol u m e 8 8

Italy’s forgotten great composer Singing the praises of Bruno Maderna

Est 1923 . January 2011

‘This is one of the great choral recordings’ Rossini’s Stabat mater, reviewed by Richard Osborne on page 91 +140REVIEWS


he 20 reatest hoirs Named by the world’s leading critics

LU hy ritish choirs are streets ahead of the rest – by the brilliant merican choral composer ric hitacre www.gramophone.co.uk US $9.99 CANADA $9.99