Contents April 2018 • Volume 90 • Issue 04

32DESALTING THE EARTH Desalination – the technology to obtain fresh drinking water from the sea and other sources – is now a successful method of quenching the thirst of many cities and countries. So could water crises become a thing of the past? Or should such prophesies be taken with a pinch of salt?

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GENERATION CHANGE Today’s youth have had enough and are no longer content to be seen and not heard

THE SNOW LEOPARD PROJECT Conservation work often faces immense challenges, even more so when it’s being carried out in a land ravaged by war

26NEITHER HERE NOR THERE Vitali Vitaliev looks at enclaves – parts of one country which find themselves lost inside another’s borders


SPOTLIGHT: ZAMBIA Groundbreaking conservation measures have seen African wild dogs rebound in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park


WORLDWATCH 6 Tailings dams 10 US gentrification 11 Climatewatch 12 Octopus farms 13 Platform: Deep farms 14 I’m A Geographer:

Sean Sutton 15 Durian fruit 16 UK hares 17 Geopolitical Hotspot:

Australia REGULARS 52 Reviews 57 Explore: Belize’s Blue Hole 62 Discovering Britain 64 Geophoto: UK mountains 68 Gallery: Lost Maps

of the Caliphs 72 Where in the World? 73 Crossword 74 In Society; RGS–IBG Events 78 RGS Archive 82 Next Month: Tobacco

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