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Opera News Wigmore j ewel robbery

News features Outdoor opera at Ho lland Park and Gars ington • New broom at the Bavarian State Opera • Covent Ga rden at th e crossroads • UK companies - new production digest

• Owen Wingrave rev iva l


Andrew Stewart's Opera People Director Anthony Besch; soprano Rita Cull is; composer Jonathan Harvey


Competition Win a tr ip to Rome and ti cke ts to the opera in Opera Now's Warner Classics Tosca competiti on


Cover feature Pure dev ilment? Samuel Ramey, opera's ubiquito us Mephistopheles, has q ui etly c locked up 20 years in the profession. Andrew Stewart reports


Scottish Opera Scottish Opera has turned 30. Graeme Kay finds the company poised for change


Singer of the Century John Steane identi fies some gaps in the cham1 offensive of th e popular Iri sh tenor, John McCormack


Opera Guide Eugene Onegin is the summer c ho ice of the Royal Opera, Scottish Opera, and Welsh National Opera. Noel Goodwin introduces Tchaikovsky's most pop ul ar opera


Opera World Kate Hardy imbibes the atmosphere o f the revitalised Grand Theatre de Bordeaux


Opera Jobs The stage techinic ians are the real movers and shakers in opera. Anne Ing li s reports from Opera North


Music Theatre Kate Hardy ta lks to 'Lost Musicals' impresario Ia n Marshal! F isher


What opera means to me Rabbi Julia Neuberger strugg les to reconc ile a liking for Wagner with the composer's anti-Semitic views

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