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FEATURES 10 Robert Graves and his Goddesses, Part One by Ruth Clydesdale 14 Walking the Path of the Dr´ymann by Chris Hodges-O’Connell/Eofor 18 The Ritual Cup by Christopher Winters 21 Orkney’s Memorial to the Historic Victims of the Witchcraft Trials by Helen K Woodsford-Dean 24 Saint Cyprian: Patron Saint of Witches by Christopher Copeland-Harrison 26 Tales of the Taibhsear, interview with Scott Richardson-Read, Debbie Armour, and Amanda Edmiston 30 Pope Joan: A covered-up pontificate of a woman by Michael E. Habicht 34 Pagans, Nature and Mental Health by Mark Greener 36 The Snake Goddess by Fotoula Adrimi




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Issue 210 contributors

Debi Gregory Nicolas Holliman Ruth Clydesdale

Cat Treadwell

Chris Hodges-O’Connell/Eofor

Terence Meaden Christopher Winters Helen K Woodsford-Dean

Mark Woodsford-Dean Christopher Copeland-Harrison

Scott Richardson-Read

Debbie Armour Amanda Edmiston Michael Habicht

Nimue Brown Mark Greener Fotoula Adrimi


Cath Laurence Main Rachel Patterson

Sarah Kerr Val Thomas Ian Vernon Melissa Wheeler

Jane Burton Ben Timmons

Almanac (all times are local at Stonehenge)

Phase Date Moonrise

Mon, Feb 4 07.40 Tue, Feb 19 17.19 Wed, Mar 6 07.03 Thur, Mar 21 18.58 Fri, Apr 5 07.08

Fri, Apr 19 20.12 Sat, May 4 05.54

Spring Equinox, Mar 20, 21.58

Sunrise 06.10, Sunset 18.19