Heretic-hunting, p20

Do you have a criminal mind?, p14

The wicked Welsh Wizard, p38


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Kate Chisholm is away

THOUGHT CRIME SPECIAL 14 I think, therefore I’m guilty Britain is liberal and progressive, so don’t you dare disagree Melanie Phillips 17 Howtostifle the press England’s libel laws make it easy Alan Rusbridger 18 Let’s hear it for contempt People must be free to sneer Matthew Parris 20 Scientists in hiding The demonisation of academics who question the consensus Christopher Booker 22 Last laughs Comedy is being suffocated Hardeep Singh Kohli

24 Drunk and orderly In the pub, teenagers used to learn to drink responsibly Brendan O’Neill 25 Bush the Third? Jeb Bush says he won’t run for president. Don’t believe him Patrick Allitt


BOOKS 38 Paul Johnson The Great Outsider: David Lloyd George, by Roy Hattersley 40 Dan Jones A Royal Passion, by Katie Whitaker 42 Beatrice Garland ‘The Swimming Pool’: a poem 42 Penelope Lively Crazy Age, by Jane Miller 42 Sîan Hughes Human Chain, by Seamus Heaney 45 Lloyd Evans Man with a Blue Scarf, by Martin Gayford 46 Francis King The Accident, by Ismail Kadare 47 JamesWalton How Music Works, by John Powell 47 Brandon Robshaw ‘How to Lie’: a poem 48 Andrew Taylor Our Kind of Traitor, by John le Carré 48 Michael Carlson Bookends

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