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On The Road Again

This month at Guitarist has been all about covering the miles. Nev Marten of Guitar Techniques, Mick Taylor of That Pedal Show and myself trooped up to Hull for an anniversary performance of Jimi’s first album, Are You Experienced, which was brilliant fun but has left my car full of the unlovely debris of a band on the road – fragments of custard creams, crumpled setlists and bits of Bombay mix litter the footwells. I can still see, as in the rear view mirror, our drummer Matt squeezed into an inhumanly small space

between amps, rucksacks and gigbags in the back. We had a blast, though – and it made all the prep and cramped hours on the motorway worthwhile. That’s why this month’s cover feature (see p56) resonates particularly strongly. Robbie Robertson has probably covered more miles as a touring guitarist than nearly anyone – and The Last Waltz show was perhaps the only possible gig that could have crowned years of touring with Dylan and The Band in a way that didn’t feel like an anticlimax. I can’t decide if I’m starting to become a musical luddite when I watch that film and wonder if a similarly great assembly of musicians could be brought together on one stage today… Also in this issue, we remember the great Allan Holdsworth in company with some of the musicians who worked closely with him and fully appreciated his formidable talent. To hear their recollections, turn to p66 – while braver readers can tackle our Holdsworth-inspired licks on p74. Enjoy the issue and see you further on down the road…

Editor’s Highlights

Stony Ground We head up to Huddersfield this month to visit the chaps at Stone Deaf FX to talk tone – and find out why MIDI is due a revival p126

Steve Lukather We join one of the funniest – and formidably capable – guitarists on the planet to hear his best stories of life on the road p46

Jamie Dickson Editor

Rockabilly Riot Darrel Higham joins us once more to share his best ‘secret weapon’ rockabilly licks in the concluding part of his masterclass p147

JULY 2017  Guitarist